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SM/ASM- Club Membership Sales- BENGALURU- Super Luxury Real Estate/ Residential Club Sales

Today's search focus: Sales Manager/ AM Sales- Club Membership Sales for a prominent real estate company driving select membership sales for their super luxury, high end product offering of clubs in high end residential projects . This position is based in BENGALURU and is open to sales professionals who carry relevant experience in the luxury hospitality sector working with high end luxury hotels, clubs or resorts or luxury retail catering to top corporates and HNI’s. If interested, please inbox me at

Role Brief:

o    4-5 years’ experience in sales
o    Hotel or High end retail sales experience would be preferred
o   Association with Luxury brands will be beneficial.
o    Local Bangalore experience is preferred.
o    Existing Sales Manager or Assistant Sales Manager can apply
o    Will be responsible for High-end Membership sales of the Club. (Niche membership for  about 500 people)
o    Target members are CEO/CXO/CTO/CFO in Bangalore. Owners of business and high income group in Bangalore.
o    In the future role will extend to selling membership in our future club portfolios.

This is a confidential position, please do not leave comments on the posting. Photograph used is for illustration purpose only.


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