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Associate Director- Culinary Services ( Corporate role) Opportunity- India

Today’s search focus: Associate Director- Culinary Services (Corporate role) for a prominent super luxury, diversified hospitality group in India managing the F&B portfolio of the group spread across multiple diversified restaurant brands.

Position open to INDIAN nationals who are currently working with prominent luxury Indian & International hotel groups in India/ overseas in the capacity of Executive Chef/ Executive Sous Chef (in large hotels with significant F&B operations). Corporate chefs working with signature restaurant brands in India/internationally acclaimed restaurants chains can also apply.
The incumbent should ideally be less than 48 years and International Experience is a definite advantage.

If interested, please inbox me at

Overall objective :
Complete responsibility for directing training supervising, planning, coordinating, of all areas within the culinary department, ensuring a quality product for guests, development of concepts & menu’s and secure profit margins while maintaining the Corporate image of the Company at all times.

Role and Responsibilities :
·         To ensure consistency and highest quality in the taste, presentation and appropriate food temperature for food served in all kitchens.
·         Ensures the quality and cleanliness of all food displays to the minimum standards of the Company
·         Ensures maximum creativity in all food displays

Ensure safe working practices
·         Responsible for ensuring smooth and effective communication among the staff
·         Ensures that staff are fully aware and complies with the FSMS guidelines
·         Monitor Cleanliness
·         Liaises and work closely with the Chef Steward in monitoring and ensuring that all cleaning are properly done and according to schedule
·         Conducts regular tour of the front and back of the house to check that all equipment are in working order and standards are adhered to
·         Monitor Grooming and Appearance Standards of Employees
·         Ensures that all kitchen personnel follow the company’s grooming standards

Maintains proper and adequate controls over purchase orders and requisitions
·         Monitors on monthly food inventory turnover and slow moving items
·         Ensures that purchasing, receiving and all storage are efficiently handled and that the goods purchased conform to the restaurant’s specification
·         Reviews food cost analysis on a daily basis to maintain in line with budget and forecast
·         Analyses top 20 highest consumable purchased items on a monthly basis
·         Conduct monthly market survey
·         To monitor and fully implement the portion control
·         To check stores and refrigerators and be responsible for the proper storing and recycling of leftovers. To practice “FIFO” system at all times
·         Reviews and analyses monthly profit and loss statement

  1. Others
·         Regular Meetings
·         Preparation of F&B Culinary CAPEX Prepares CAPEX budget to review new equipment requirements for following year to ensure maximum quality output and productivity
·         Marketing and Planning
·         Controls Staffing Level

This is a confidential position, please do not leave comments on the posting. Photograph used is for illustration purpose only.


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