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Culinary Positions- MUMBAI- Sous Chef/ Junior Sous Chef- European, Indian,Banquets & Chinese Cuisine

Culinary positions in focus for a prominent super luxury hotel group. All positions are MUMBAI based.

1.       Sous Chef- European Cuisine
2.       Junior Sous Chef- Indian cuisine
3.       Sous Chef/Junior Sous Chef- Bakery/Pastry
4.       Banquet Chef (Junior Sous Chef/Sous Chef) -(Indian specialization)
5.       Chinese Chef (Junior Sous Chef/ Sous Chef)

These positions open to Indian Nationals who are currently working as Junior Sous Chef/ Sous Chef with leading luxury Indian or International hotel groups in India/ overseas.
If interested, please inbox me at

This is a confidential posting, please do not leave comments on the posting. Photograph used is for illustration purpose only.


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