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GM Sales- Super Luxury Residential Projects- BENGALURU- Position open to FEMALE incumbents only

Today's search focus: General Manager( GM)  Sales- Super Luxury Residential Projects (starting 4 crores to 25 crores per unit) for a prominent super luxury real estate & hospitality group in India. This position is based in BENGALURU and is exclusively open to FEMALE incumbents only. Sales professionals who carry relevant experience in the luxury hospitality sector working with high end luxury hotels, resorts or luxury retail catering to top corporates and HNI’s can apply. If interested, please inbox me at

Key Responsibilities
  • Understand the finalized quantum of residential space, the architectural drawings, the pricing strategy and expected rates for the various residential projects
  • Understand the sales brief of residential project as provided by the Vice President – Sales & Marketing and analyze the demographics, chargeable area, rentals charged by competition etc.
  • Draw a list of potential clients for the residential projects/ locations through available market data, known/ prior clients, clients whose lock-in period for sales is almost over, etc.
  • Establish/ maintain relationships with channel partners and obtain detailed information about the micro-location from them
  • Discuss the unique/ distinguishing features of the residential projects and the estimated rates for sales  with the channel partners
  • Highlight / distinguish the clients who are likely to buy the property and the clients who would sell the same
  • Assist in launch of events/ marketing summits for residential properties by inviting channel partners and potential clients and offering attractive deals/ brokerage percentages
  • Understand the client requirements and expectations in terms of budgets, physical infrastructure requirements, technical requirements etc.
  • Make an effective sales pitch to clients highlighting the unique features of the project/s and the suitability of the project for addressing their requirements
  • Discuss and resolve the clients queries or concerns by showing them the floor plans, and/ or models of the particular project
  • Provide residential/ rate estimates to the client/ channel partner and undertake discussions/ negotiations with them
  • Ensure adherence to the pricing metrics and explain the rationale behind the rates to the client in terms of features of the space such as the floor, facing a particular direction etc.
  • Ensure that the discounts provided to clients are within the approved limits; for further discounts escalate the issue to the Vice President – Sales & Marketing
  • Manage negotiations and finalization/ closing of the deal/s in a timely and effective manner
  • Monitor the completion and signing of the agreement
  • Ensure that all the supporting documents are obtained from all clients
  • Clarify the terms/ clauses provided in the agreement
  • Oversee the timely completion of  the process of registration; in coordination with the Legal team
  • Maintain a separate file for each client in order to track their history, payment records, email exchanges etc.
MIS Reporting
  • Prepare sales report and submit the same to  Vice President – Sales & Marketing for review and subsequent circulation to the Management
Key Result Areas and Performance Indicators

S. No.
Key Result Areas
Key Performance Indicators
Manage sale of residential property within desired timelines
·         Number of new clients  approached
·         Number of new channel partners identified and involved in selling of residential properties.
·         Number of presentations and site inspections carried out
·         Number of sales deals concluded Number of clients that have signed the agreements.
·         Adherence to overall allocated budgets while negotiating and closing deals
Manage MIS reporting
·         Timeliness in preparing and updating the necessary weekly reports

Key Working Relationships

External Interfaces
Internal Interfaces
Vice President – Sales & Marketing
Channel partners (Property Consultants and Brokers)
Architecture and Planning team

Sales Team
Legal team
Behavioral Competencies
Behavioral Competencies
  • Customer Delight
  • Result Orientation
  • Business Orientation
  • Influence & Impact
  • Problem Solving
  • Adaptability
  • Collaboration for Success

Technical Competencies
Technical Competencies
  • Knowledge of residential sales
  • Knowledge of sales administration process
  • Knowledge of required legal documents/ formalities
  • Knowledge of residential sales market
  • Negotiation skills

Job Specifications

·         Graduate, MBA
·         15 + years of similar or relevant industry experience in Sales &  Marketing

This is a confidential position, please do not leave comments on the posting. Photograph used is for illustration purpose only.


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This is a confidential position, please do not leave comments on the posting. Photograph used is for illustration purpose only.

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