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Expat Chinese Chef Opportunity- INDIA

Culinary position in focus: EXPATRIATE CHINESE CHEF for prominent super luxury hotel group in India in a key metro city in INDIA.

This position is open to all Pan Asian nationals working in stand-alone high end restaurants in Hong Kong, Dubai and other large cities or signature restaurants in luxury Five Star Luxury hotels. This position is on SINGLE status only. Excellent tax free USD salary package and complete expatriate benefits apply. 

If interested, please email me at This is a confidential posting, please do not leave comments on the post. 

·        Candidate should be of Chinese or Asian origin ( preferably Thailand or Singapore)     
·        Candidate should be a hot range chef, he must have a command over Sichuan cuisine and should know how make Peking duck.
·        It will be ideal if he has additional skills like making hand pulled noodles.
·        Should be willing to share his knowledge and skills with the team.

 Key Specifications:  
  • The incumbent should be working with a prominent luxury Five Star hotel or a premium standalone Chinese restaurant as an Chinese Chef ( Cook/ CDP/ DCDP)
  • Salary: Excellent Tax Free USD salary + Full Expat package benefits + Visa & Relocation
  • Communication: Should be able to converse in English
  • Position on Single status only

This is a confidential position, please do not leave comments on the posting. Photograph used is for illustration purpose only.

Photograph used is for illustration purpose only.

·        Team player 
·        Good Trainer 

 Communication: Should be able to converse in English

 Personal brief:
  • He/she should be in the age group of early to mid-thirties
  • Preferably should travel single

 Job Requirement:
  • Secondary school, diploma or above. 
  • A minimum of 2-5 years of experience in Chinese cooking. 
  • Excellent product knowledge of Chinese cuisine.


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If interested, please inbox me at

This is a confidential position, please do not leave comments on the posting. Photograph used is for illustration purpose only.